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The dream started across the world, in a small country in West Africa back in 70’s. The man behind the brand grew up with little, but had a big eye. The eye for fashion, reusable fashion, sustainability and things that were once unobtainable. From the early 90’s creating luxury retail store in New York City, to now multi brand e-commerce platform, that is more than just a site. It is a community for fashion lovers, people who seek the hunt who can talk about a brand for hours. A community that doesn’t judge but fosters those who love to self express. 

The ERA NYC is located here in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn. An area that is raw and being developed the next big super fund site of New York City. Being labeled the next dumbo or Williamsburg. We are located in a charming studio space that has appointment based shopping and photo shoot bookings. We are here to help you find that pair of jeans you have been hunting and curate that next big trend for you.

Collaborating is the route of West Africa, what I have and what you have and what we can bring together. Our Merch sales are going towards fostering fashion development and education for Western Africa. Where hand me downs will never go out of style. We want to cultivate and educate the world on how rested fashion and hand me downs isn’t just a trend its, a way of life for most of the world.

We hire the unhireable we work with those who once would have been over looked and we give each garment a second and third life. Join our community.

Are you looking for that dream vintage champion sweatshirt from the 50's Era? How about a Rare 60's Hawaiian shirt or a band tee from the 80's we have done all the digging for you. We are dropping daily updates and finds. Let us bring the thrift store finds to you. We ship world wide and are always staying on top of the latest thrift store hauls. 

From a small dream in Africa to platform for all world wide.