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Mens Denim Jeans Wholesale Bundle

Mens Denim Jeans Wholesale Bundle


Only left in stock

This bundle will contain a range of men's denim jeans only. Brands will include but limited to are Sevens, Roc and republic, Lee, Levis, Wrangler.

Estimated NYC market value $2200

What is in the bundle?

- 50 pairs of of mixed wash jeans

Who picks the bundle & what is the quality of the garments?

Everything is hand picked by our vintage experts.

All our garments picked are A & B grade quality.


Sizing in the bundle will be mixed. This will vary between a men's 28"-38" waist. 


Free shipping within the US only. Unfortunately we do not ship our wholesale bundles internationally at this time.

As our bundles are all hand picked please expect up to 14 days to ship.


Please note: the pictures shown are just an example of what may be in the bundle.